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Subject: Re: Insurance...
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 00:51:30 +1030 wrote:
> Hi,
> I only drive my MGB about maybe 10 miles a week, just enough to keep her
> happy (the "B"~ not my wife!!) But, I pay insurance as if were my full time,
> daily driver ... (Don't I Wish!!) 

Are you a member of a car club?  I assume they have 'historic
registration' and 'special - show only" type insurance where you are. 
Usually your car club is the best place to get details of these.

But I am distracted.....

> as if were my full time, daily driver ... (Don't I Wish!!) 

What is stopping you making it your fulltime or even part time daily
driver?  Sheesh a '78 B is almost a new car - well ten years younger
than my car and currently I drive it almost every day, occasionally
through the hills for a hundred miles on the weekends - and sometimes
across the country - and on the race track, too!

Don't wish... make it happen (maybe you have to spend a few bucks or a
few hours on it???).

I haven't been following the story of your car, so enlighten me - how is
it that you can drive it ten miles a week and not ten, twenty or
whatever miles per day?

Adelaide, South Australia

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