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Re: Sound Deadening

To: "Alford, James" <>, MG <>
Subject: Re: Sound Deadening
From: Peter Guagenti <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 20:32:04 -0800
on 2/20/02 1:30 PM, Alford, James at wrote:

> What is the best material for sound deadening and insulating the firewall,
> floors and doors?  I have seen the commercial stuff in MOSS, etc., but also
> read you can pick up material locally.

As others have mentioned, Dynamat is the best choice.  It's heavy, but it's
permanent.  If you have ever do a rollcage in a modern BMW or Porwsche,
you'll see that the factory uses the same exact stuff in key locations on
the bare metal of the unibody, and then paints right over it.

One thing to note -- with Dynamat, you don't need to cover everything.  A
single square on a single panel will work _wonders_ without adding a ton of


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