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RE: Sound Deadening

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Subject: RE: Sound Deadening
From: "Larry Hoy" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 09:58:36 -0700
Dynamat is a sound insulator.  The instructions indicate that you do not
have to "line" a panel to achieve sound deadening.  For instance a MGB
door would only need a small "patch" stuck on the inside of the door
panel, perhaps 1' X 1'.

Larry Hoy

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> I mentioned Pep Boys cause it seems to be the major chain 
> around here these days.  It's sad because we now have several 
> Pep Boys and the independents are going out of business. 
> Anyway, Dynamat seemed a tad expensive also.  I think it was 
> $32 for a roll that was just enough to do one door.  Moss is 
> selling Dynamat.  I just looked in the Moss catalog and the 
> same roll is $89.95!!!  Is Moss gouging us???  Okay, I wont 
> go there.  It's soft, almost gooey.  I'm not sure if it would 
> be good for the floor for that reason.  Has anyone used it on 
> the floor?  It seems like it would squish out.  Oops.. I just 
> looked at the packaging and what I bought was 4 sq. feet.  
> The one Moss sells seems to be 12 sq. feet or 3'X4' so the 
> price works out to be about the same.  Sorry..
> Dennis Cox
> 67 MGB
> David Councill wrote:
> > I was pondering the relatively expensive sound deadening 
> material that 
> > Moss sells for my bare floor boards. Any experiernce on 
> this stuff? Is 
> > Dynamat a better choice? And where could I find this stuff? 
> We don't 
> > have Pep Boys here in Montana that I know of.
> >
> > David
> > 72 MGB
> > 67 MGBGT

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