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Re: Sound Deadening

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Subject: Re: Sound Deadening
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 08:40:31 -0800
I mentioned Pep Boys cause it seems to be the major chain around here these
days.  It's sad because
we now have several Pep Boys and the independents are going out of business.
Anyway, Dynamat
seemed a tad expensive also.  I think it was $32 for a roll that was just enough
to do one door.  Moss
is selling Dynamat.  I just looked in the Moss catalog and the same roll is
$89.95!!!  Is Moss gouging
us???  Okay, I wont go there.  It's soft, almost gooey.  I'm not sure if it 
be good for the floor for
that reason.  Has anyone used it on the floor?  It seems like it would squish
out.  Oops.. I just looked
at the packaging and what I bought was 4 sq. feet.  The one Moss sells seems to
be 12 sq. feet or
3'X4' so the price works out to be about the same.  Sorry..

Dennis Cox
67 MGB

David Councill wrote:

> I was pondering the relatively expensive sound deadening material that Moss
> sells for my bare floor boards. Any experiernce on this stuff? Is Dynamat a
> better choice? And where could I find this stuff? We don't have Pep Boys
> here in Montana that I know of.
> David
> 72 MGB
> 67 MGBGT

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