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RE: Sound Deadening

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Subject: RE: Sound Deadening
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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 08:55:27 -0700

Guess what, they have a web site.  Probably has all the information we
have "speculated" about.

Larry Hoy

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> I lined the floors under the seats, the rear deck, both 
> horizontal and vertical panels, and part of the tranny tunnel 
> with this stuff nearly 5 years ago. I just pulled on of the 
> seats yesterday and the Dynamat is mashed where the seat 
> rails were. The rest of it is in good shape. And it made a 
> whale of a difference in the sound inside the car. My major 
> worry - I might not be able to hear a problem in the diff. 
> Well I did when it went, but then again you could hear it for blocks!!
> I am redoing the carpets soon and I will likely add more to the floor.
> Larry's suggestion of just adding a bit to the doors is 
> interesting. Seems it would deaden vibration, but not block sound.
> Larry

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