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Re: Back..- roundabouts and Italians

Subject: Re: Back..- roundabouts and Italians
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 14:23:23 EDT
David Breneman wrote:

<< Roundabouts are becoming quite a fad in some parts of the US.
 A town near where I live is putting them in all over the place,
 apparently to save on the cost of traffic lights.  An article
 in the Wall Street Journal a couple months back stated than on
 average, accident rates go up 600-700% at intersections where
 roundabouts are installed.  The ones around here are usually
 less than 100 feet in diameter - and some have two lanes! >>

<Begin Rant>
I was visiting relatives in the town I grew up in (Glendale, CA) this summer. 
 The local government has taken a liking to installing roundabouts in 
residental streets to slow traffic (as well as mid-block speed bumps whom the 
local youth enjoy jumping over in their rice burners...I've seen them in 
person, but that's another rant).  The roundabouts consist of four plastic 
cones stuck in the center of the intersection, with a sign above showing the 
direction of travel.  

Late one night, as I was traveling through town, down one of the roads I used 
to live on, I came across (or, shall I say OVER) one of the roundabouts.  The 
street light about the interesection was out, and it was just past a gentle 
curve.  The rubber bumpers (or cattle guards if you prefer) took out the two 
center cones without much more than a thump-thump.  I wasn't speeding, but 
with no warning before hand, the city had created a very dangerous 
intersection were none had extisted. 

Luckily no damage resulted to the MG.  
<End rant>

Steve Sanchez
1977 MGB with "roundabout straighteners!"

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