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Re: Back..- roundabouts and Italians

To: David Breneman <>
Subject: Re: Back..- roundabouts and Italians
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 15:17:08 -0500
There's a round about in Kansas City on Ward Parkway. Great road.
Driving home from the Vintage race downtown near the Memorial (what is
that thing, it's been so long since I've been to KC) in a small drizzle, 
I put my '72 sideways and straightened it out. My friend John had a near 
brown pants moment. :-) The street was deserted at the time.

I must have been 21 at the time.

Young and foolish.


David Breneman wrote:
> Mike Razor SEZ -
>>My least favorite was the magic roundabout in Swindon.  I never did figure
>>out which way to get though.  If memory serves there were five roundabouts
>>circling a center round about.  Also, lots of big trucks around Swindon.  Of
>>course, the roundabout is a great traffic idea, once you figure out how to
>>use them.  I miss my 58 MGA coupe and at the time brand new 1985 Mini.
> Roundabouts are becoming quite a fad in some parts of the US.
> A town near where I live is putting them in all over the place,
> apparently to save on the cost of traffic lights.  An article
> in the Wall Street Journal a couple months back stated than on
> average, accident rates go up 600-700% at intersections where
> roundabouts are installed.  The ones around here are usually
> less than 100 feet in diameter - and some have two lanes!

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