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Re: Back..- roundabouts and Italians

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Subject: Re: Back..- roundabouts and Italians
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Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 14:29:15 +0100
Not a lack of politeness, IMO.  With a continuous stream of fast moving
traffic already on the roundabout the only way one can enter, without
lights, is if someone already on the roundabout stops to let you out.  This
would be completely counter to the Highway Code, Road Traffic Act and other
drivers expectations and is likely to be a cause of rear-end shunts.
Politeness does still occur in very slow moving traffic where many drivers
will slow that little bit more to let someone out of a side-turning.  Unless
it is a BMW, of course ...

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Subject: Re: Back..- roundabouts and Italians

> Seems to be that the English people are not that polite anymore as their
> images was in the previous century...
> So that was the need for the lights right?

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