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Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 13:37:35 -0700

You have to get very honest about what you are trying to do.

The Weber Down Draught is a cost effective replacement for the original
carburetor. Make sure you also budget to replace the exhaust manifold
with either an early unit or a header. It is a cheap and cheerful way to
drive the car and get a bit more performance than the ZE.

A correctly set up, good condition pair of SU carburetors will be more
drivable and offer better performance and MG value. Initial cost will be
higher and if the carbs are not in good shape, they will require more
fiddling. Good condition carbs, once set do not require a lot of
attention. This alternative is going to cost more, but will enhance the
MG experience, which is why I'm hoping you own the car.

If you are looking for more performance, then break the piggy bank and
go for the supercharger kit. It gives more performance and drivability
per dollar than any other change you could make. It is a chunk of
change, but when bolted on to a completely stock, unmodified good
condition motor it gives incredible smiles/$ by bringing the car into a
whole 'nother realm of enjoyment.

Hope this helps.

70 supercharged MGB

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Subject: Carburetion

I've been planning for a carburetor upgrade on my '77 B car from the
original single ZS, looking at the information available on the internet
finally bought the book on power tuning.

The downdraft Weber was looking pretty attractive because of what I have
read about the need to maintain and occasionally rebuild the SU's, but
power tuning book doesn't even mention the downdraft Weber, and only
mentions the sidedrafts in the context of racing.

There may be a compare and contact between Su and Weber carburetors that
haven't seen, so any suggestions and/or links would be appreciated.


Scott Bonacker

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