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RE: Carburetion

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Subject: RE: Carburetion
From: "Scott Bonacker" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 18:35:50 -0600
This is exactly the kind of discussion I am looking for. Thanks again.

While I'm gathering the bits, I'll just install the manual choke conversion
kit from Moss Motors that was delivered today and stretch the life of the ZS
for a while. It shouldn't be too hard, not too many holes to drill and if
I'm lucky I'll find a grommet that fits just right ....... It can't be as
hard as the brake master cylinder was.

Next up, fixing the wobble in the right front to permit normal road speeds,
or maybe I'll get rid of that nasty fuel smell first if the choke doesn't
take care of it.



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> From: Dodd, Kelvin 
> I think that is a bit harsh. I classify myself as being "in the know"
> and I would only snicker slightly!
> Seriously. The DGV is an ok carburetor, but it just does not 
> match the tortuous intake path of the Siamese port head very 
> well. They work fine on water heated manifolds with one port 
> per cylinder. For a while they were the hot ticket on A 
> series Mini engines as the accelerator pump made for some 
> dramatic acceleration as compared to the stock SUs. But then 
> Vizzard did a bunch of flow testing and big single SU carbs 
> became the rage.
> I'm not a fan of the feel of the progressive 2 barrels as it 
> does not relate to anything MGish. But then I'm used to the 
> SUs where you put your foot down and the engine thinks about it.
> I havn't driven one of the non-progressive versions, but they 
> are still going to have the same low end hesitation due to 
> inadequate direction and volume of accelerator pump jet. 
> For the same reason that I mentioned earlier, a DGV on a 
> manifold is a nice bit of kit to have around the garage 
> because it is easy to chuck on an engine to get it running. 
> The small primary throat gives good flow speed and for 
> putting around works fine. For a while I was running a DGV as 
> my winter carb on my daily driver MGB as with a water heated 
> manifold it worked a lot better on sub zero days than either 
> the SUs or the Weber
> 45 DCOE I normally ran.
> I wish that they had been around when I was running my Austin 
> Marina, as fitting twin SUs and then a 45DCOE to that car was 
> bloody frustrating. A DGV would have been a nicer set up.  
> Enough rattling on, can you tell that I don't want to get 
> working on the next Moss sale fler content.
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> From: Barrie Robinson
> The only advantage of using a Weber for street MGs is that 
> you can say "I have a Weber on mine".  Those in the know will 
> smile inwardly and mouth "Stupid bugger".  Unless you are 
> into hot motors stick to the SU!

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