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RE: Carburetion

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Subject: RE: Carburetion
From: "Scott Bonacker" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 16:22:25 -0600
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> From: Dodd, Kelvin
> You have to get very honest about what you are trying to do.
> The Weber Down Draught is a cost effective replacement for 
> the original carburetor. Make sure you also budget to replace 
> the exhaust manifold with either an early unit or a header. 
> It is a cheap and cheerful way to drive the car and get a bit 
> more performance than the ZE.
> A correctly set up, good condition pair of SU carburetors 
> will be more drivable and offer better performance and MG 
> value. Initial cost will be higher and if the carbs are not 
> in good shape, they will require more fiddling. Good 
> condition carbs, once set do not require a lot of attention. 
> This alternative is going to cost more, but will enhance the 
> MG experience, which is why I'm hoping you own the car.

It's true, there is an 'MG Experience' to be had - and it suits me more than
the 'Harley Davidson Experience' black leather and studs and all. I should
tell you about a doctor I know that bought a Harley Davidson, and then I saw
him one day in parking lot with two or three hundred other bikers getting
ready for a charity ride. Actually, he saw me first and came up to say
hello. I didn't recognize him very quickly - what with the riding outfit and
the fact that he had uncharacteristically left his stubble to grow in

I may have mentioned in the past that the motivation for this MG at this
time was that my wife didn't enjoy riding a motorcycle with me. Since my own
enjoyment is closely tied with hers, I am more than willing. This story
isn't mentioned to make fun of him or of anyone who conforms to their mental
image of what they ought to look like when the participate in a group
activity like that. Your point is a good one, to make sure that the needs
are met you have to be clear what it is you have in mind.

I also have in mind to lower the suspension to improve handling as one
modification away from stock, and possibly to put in a 5-speed tranny. Who
knows, even an engine upgrade. But all that comes after making relatively
basic improvements so that it is a more reliable driver. 

(Off topic - does anyone know the phone number at Microsoft to register a
SQL server and get a license key?)

There is a huge amount of information in the MGS newsgroup and the Yahoo
group. There is also much more in the many websites that individuals and
businesses have put up. Many thanks to all of those who share their

Scott Bonacker

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