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RE: TR 250 Hood release cable keeps pulling out

To: "'Neil Moran'" <nmoran@freitaslaw.com>,
Subject: RE: TR 250 Hood release cable keeps pulling out
From: "Couzelis,William M.(NXI)" <William.Couzelis@CNA.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 19:30:11 -0600
I did exactly what Jay did also.  I just "eyeballed" mine and kept modifying
it until it worked.  It has been a life saver and extremely easy to operate.
'71 TR6

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> From: Neil Moran [SMTP:nmoran@freitaslaw.com]
> Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 5:42 PM
> To:   '6pack@autox.team.net'
> Subject:      TR 250 Hood release cable keeps pulling out 
> I am writing to ask for advice on how to install a new bonnet release
> cable on my wife's TR250 so it lasts this time.
> I think I must have installed the hood (bonnet) release cable
> incorrectly last year. Symptom is: Handle and cable pull out about 6
> inches and release is barely activated. The engine compartment end of
> the release cable is secured to the release unit. 
> I just ordered new inner/outer cable assembly, as well as new bonnet
> release unit (the locking unit on the firewall), and want to install it
> right this time. I also ordered the auxiliary "emergency hood release"
> cable from Moss, as a backup.
> Any "hints from Heloise" would be much appreciated. I sure hate it when
> the cable release failed a year ago and I had to remove the headlamps,
> the bonnet hinges, and take the entire bonnet off to get the darn thing
> open again. I nicked the new paint in the process, too. 
> Thanks for any help!
> Neil Moran
> San Rafael, California

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