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Re: [Roadsters] Pretty snappy bidding underway for a '69 1600,

To: peter harrison <>,
Subject: Re: [Roadsters] Pretty snappy bidding underway for a '69 1600,
From: Mike Harper <>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 05:19:02 -0700 (PDT)
Well, there are some great deals out there on Miatas
if you shop around.  I recently bought a beautiful '91
that I am having a ball with.  Everything works, the
car looks like new, never wrecked, a few blemishes
here and there, but normal for a car that is driven,
it does have over 200k on the odo, but drives and runs
flawlessly. $2000. It gets 33 mpg regularly, and I
drive it a lot.  I do not like it as much as my
roadster, but it is fun and cheap transportation. I
love to see the roadster appreciation though...

Mike SC

'66 1600 (Jessie)
'91 Miata (Mitzi)

--- peter harrison <>

> SO Eliza's PO spent 27K on s body on resto
> (including 2.5k on car purchase). 
> I bought it for 10.5 and have so far spent another
> 3-4K on bits and pieces. 
> Unless you are playing at the high end of the
> automotive market, you almost 
> NEVER get back what you put into the car.
> And that really isn't the point. It's a hobby, and
> unlike playing golf 
> (sorry Ron) you have something to show for the
> expense.
> And if that car is as good as it is described -
> 13-14K for a beautiful 2 
> seater - how much are Miatas going for these days?
> Peter
> Eliza '70 SPL TOADSAN

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