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Re: MG withdddrawls

To: Pat bailey <>,
Subject: Re: MG withdddrawls
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 09:54:49 -0500
>Michael Jose wrote:
>> certainly it isn't a right for me, because the amount of smog coming out
>> of my car is killing the rainforest, etc.
>Recent studies have shown that cars AREN'T producing anywhere the amount
>of pollution that we have been 
>told.The most comes from dieseltrucks(DUH!!!)and factories.So you can
>drive with a clear conscience  that the little bit of smog isn't wafting
>down to the rainforests and killing them!We have been told these lies
>for years and have had to pay an unproportionate amount toobey "clean
>air"laws that are a scam.Why do you believe 
>these people?I feel that in most of america driving SHOULD be a
>rightunless you show  yourself to be negligent.Try to get around,go
>shopping for a family etc only on mass transitit is impossible!I  find
>it amusing how the yuppie college kids buy into this whole "we are
>destroying the earth"baloney,one big volcano puts out more stuff than we
>can but thats OK because it's nature doing it and not the evil people!

PAT, If your comments are based on detailed "recent studies", I would love
to read them.
Please rsvp with the sources.


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