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Re: MG withdddrawls

To: Michael Jose <>
Subject: Re: MG withdddrawls
From: Pat bailey <>
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 06:43:13 -0800

Michael Jose wrote:
> certainly it isn't a right for me, because the amount of smog coming out
> of my car is killing the rainforest, etc.
Recent studies have shown that cars AREN'T producing anywhere the amount
of pollution that we have been 
told.The most comes from dieseltrucks(DUH!!!)and factories.So you can
drive with a clear conscience  that the little bit of smog isn't wafting
down to the rainforests and killing them!We have been told these lies
for years and have had to pay an unproportionate amount toobey "clean
air"laws that are a scam.Why do you believe 
these people?I feel that in most of america driving SHOULD be a
rightunless you show  yourself to be negligent.Try to get around,go
shopping for a family etc only on mass transitit is impossible!I  find
it amusing how the yuppie college kids buy into this whole "we are
destroying the earth"baloney,one big volcano puts out more stuff than we
can but thats OK because it's nature doing it and not the evil people!

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