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Re: MG withdddrawls

Subject: Re: MG withdddrawls
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 22:38:04 -0700
I know the rules, but a court case did have this verdict.
I will try to find the actual case, but it sets court precedence.
People on this list know that driving is a privelege, but many Arizonans
do not.
(courts don't always follow the law exactly)
certainly it isn't a right for me, because the amount of smog coming out
of my car is killing the rainforest, etc.
soon, though, I will be back on the road, and then I will be doing the
door tests that James Nazarian was talking about.
Keep 'em on the road
Mike Jose wrote:

> In a message dated 11/08/1999 8:26:09 PM Central Standard Time,
> mwjose@U.Arizona.EDU writes:
> << Believe it or not, >>
> NOT, Mike.  Suggest you read Arizona Uniform Motor Vehicle Code/Act.
> <>
> "Mass transit" has absolutly nada to do with it.
> Cheers.............
>          Ed

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