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Re: MG withdddrawls

Subject: Re: MG withdddrawls
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 11:01:40 EST
In a message dated 11/9/99 10:42:29 AM, writes:

<< Recent studies have shown that cars AREN'T producing anywhere the amount
of pollution that we have been 
told.The most comes from dieseltrucks(DUH!!!)and factories.So you can
drive with a clear conscience  that the little bit of smog isn't wafting
down to the rainforests and killing them!We have been told these lies
for years and have had to pay an unproportionate amount toobey "clean
air"laws that are a scam. >>

 We have zero smokestack industry here in the Washington D.C. area, yet I 
remember clearly the scary green glow of the atmosphere illuminated by 
streetlights during the early 70s pollution alerts.  Now, a quarter century 
later, amid charges that pollution is largely a problem of cow farts, tree 
breath (that was Reagan's favorite) and factories, DC now is largely a 
clean-air city all summer long because the cars are cleaner.  Having said 
that, I also defend my right to drive older cars due to the very small impact 
of the several thousand miles a year I might put on them.  Also, I keep them 
tuned and in good shape, further reducing the noxious fumes.  Cars undeniably 
were a problem, but don't appear to be a problem any longer.  Yeah, there is 
an overreaction against cars: Every year I have to pay to be tested and every 
year I pass with emissions no where near the cutoff.  Sometimes I think you 
could fly a crop-duster through those testing stations and still be passed.

J Donoghue
72 MGB
66 Mustang 

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