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Re: Clutch Bleeding -Reply

To: "Bowen, Patrick A. RP2" <jak0pab@jak10.med.navy.mil>,
Subject: Re: Clutch Bleeding -Reply
From: "Keith R. Stewart" <kstewart@wwdc.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 17:49:35 -0500
> Brad,  Other than the obvious picking up of impurities,  It was explained
> to me that brake fluids are magnets for humidity and that when you run it
> through the interaction and activity adds moisture to the fluid and
> it through puts moisture (water) back into your lines.  I was even told
> that break fluid shouldn't be used if has been opened for awhile (like I
> follow that one).  I figure why take the chance.
> Patrick Bowen
Might want to rethink that one Patrick...DOT3 and 4 fluids are
hygroscopic...that is they ABSORB water. Increased amounts of water in the
fluid lessen its effectiveness. This is the reason for changing the fluid
every two years. Thus, if an opened bottle of hydraulic fluid sits around,
it IS absorbing moisture, whether in use or not! Actually, this is one of
the reasons some people switch to DOT5 (Silicone) because it is not

However, there are other issues to consider...eg. DOT5 is not hygroscopic,
therefore IF water gets in the system, it sits as water and can cause
corrosion. That's why you have to decide which is best for you.
Keith Stewart

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