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Re: More on Amphicar

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Subject: Re: More on Amphicar
From: Reed Mideke <rmideke@interbase.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 09:38:04 -0800
Hi everybody,
        There is (or was, I haven't seen it in quite
a few months) a  red and white amphicar lived in
my neighborhood (Aptos, CA). I've never seen it on the
water, but it does drive around on the road, and carries both
auto and boat registration. The license plate
is lndshrk or something like that. I've never had
a chance to speak to the owner.
        I had no idea it was powered by Triumph. 
Somebody told me (incorrectly) that it was a Volkswagon
motor. (Joe Curry, have you come up with  a 'Lucas Inside'
logo sticker yet ?) 

        John Mac, you're right about the lack of 
rudder. I've heard (from the amphicar web site, I think) that
in the water performance was very poor.
Something like 5MPH, and a very wide turning
        Now for the really hard core conversion 
people, I have a new suggestions: The Amphispit.
Judging by the amount of water mine can hold,
it ought to float ;-(. Waterprofing the engine
compartment could be a chore, through.

Reed Mideke                                        rmideke@interbase.com

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