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Re: Recommendations sought: Blast Cabinet

Subject: Re: Recommendations sought: Blast Cabinet
From: Paul Burr <>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 07:45:22 -0500

Your current compressor won't power anything but a shoebox size blast 
cabinet. The specs you give on it sound like something that was designed 
for nail guns. Those don't require lots of CFM and continuous operation 
like sand blasting does.
You'll have ti go shopping for something much larger.
Try Eastwood, TIP, or even ebay for a cabinet. You may even get luck on 
eBay with a used one.

On Saturday, February 15, 2003, at 10:36 AM, 

> Looking for the List's opinion (again) for a tool recommendation: Blast
> Cabinet.
> I recently purchased a 1971 Triumph Stag, and dismantling it for a 
> ground
> up restoration. The car has been sitting for over 15 years, and many of
> the parts need work (i.e., part washer bath, re-plating, or 
> re-finishing).
> I figured a "Blast cabinet" would be a good investment, given the shear
> number of part requiring attention.
> I own a Porter Cable compressor (2 HP, 4 Gal. Model #CF2400, 8.3 SCFM @
> 40psi ; 6.1 SCFM @ 90psi).
> I searched Harbor Freight
> (
> )
> for ideas... and found a couple there, but not sure what will work best
> with my compressor and needs.
> Models vary widely on features, size and compressor requirements (top
> versus side openings; air flow versus working pressure; canister dust
> collector versus hopper) - and I'm confused.
> Your assistance please.
> Thanks everyone.
> samples:
> Central Pneumatic
> ITEM 1672-6VGA  $79.99
>   Required air pressure: 100 PSI
>   Required air flow: 5 CFM
> ITEM 45411-1VGA  $89.99
>   Working pressure: 80-120 PSI
> Corey Sherman

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