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Re: Ayers Roll Hold the Mayo

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Subject: Re: Ayers Roll Hold the Mayo
From: "David Hawkins" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 15:48:48 -0500
>The minimum distance is 25 feet. However, the distance that solid
>objects should be from vehicles is dependant upon the speed of the
>vehicle. It is not stated in the rulebook as you should know if you
>ever took the time to read it.

Sorry...I'll skip my next couple of events so that I can memorize it
and make an ass out of myself like you.  I wasn't weren't
there.  The folks who were seem to think that it was a safe distance
from things, and the fact that the car could do what it did and not
hit anything (not come close, even) is testament that he was a safe
distance out.

>This sounds like a very fast section yet it was close enough to the
>timing vehicle that it gave the driver worry that he might hit it. Try
>again. car's sliding and I see something out of the corner of my
eye.  I'm going to worry that I'll hit it no matter how far away it is.
the driver's perspective on this and applying it to the extent that 'the
was too close to the timing trailer' is more than just a little extreme.

>So you think that is some sort of justification to run even more
>events that are obviously unsafe?

No.  I think it's an explanation that a safe course can be made unsafe
when the nut behind the wheel comes loose.  EVERY course has that
potential, so I guess we all better stay home, eh?

>No, I blame people like you for just not knowing any better.

You must be the only person on earth to never drive outside the
envelope in search of that extra 1/10th.  Congratulations.  I bet that
really helps you improve as a driver.

>Particulary with posts such as this. Don't try to teach the mule how
>to sing. It will only frustrate you and annoy the mule.

The mule frustrated and annoyed me when I tried to reason with it on
the C4 Corvette issue.  I should have learned then that it's not worth
my time to try and reason with a blowhard Monday morning quarterback.

David Hawkins
86 CSP Mr2

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