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Re: Cone colors

To: Lloyd.Wilson@Alcan.Com
Subject: Re: Cone colors
From: John Whitling <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 11:47:03 -0400
CSCC in Columbus Indiana uses multi colored and multi sized cones. Personally it
doesn't bother me much but most people hate it. To top it off the CSCC courses 
fast so most people could never take the time to analyse cone size or color 
a run anyway. I know thier attendence would go up with other autocrossers out of
the region if they used regular cones, but they may not want that. They seem to 
a pretty tight group. Sorry to digress.

The one place where different colored cones would make sense would be for slalom
cones ... and perhaps pointer cones. However I think that all the cones should 
the same size. Just my opinion.

John Whitling

Lloyd.Wilson@Alcan.Com wrote:

> --Boundary_(ID_rkon/jLbwOyFa7zf8LEkhw)
> IMO, it would be great if every event, region, Tour, Pro and Nationals would
> use different color cones.  It is much easier to 'see' the course using them.
> I have run events where the left and right side of the course used different
> color cones.  I have also run events where the pointer cones were a different
> color, this is VERY beneficial.
> But the negative side is if your local clubs use different color cones then
> your members will get use to that.  Then if they attend another event outside
> your area, like a Tour, Pro or Nationals, that may not use different color
> cones, then they would be at a disadvantage.  Due to the fact that people 
> get use to the different color cones.  That has been the argument in our 
> for not getting them.
> Lloyd Wilson
> on 06/23/2000 08:28:29 AM
> cc:
> Subject: Cone colors
> Has anybody ever tried using different colored cones for events?  Since
> they're readily available I figure somebody must have given them a try.
> Are other colors easier to visualize?  Have different colors for different
> functions?  Different sizes for different functions.  We have some tall
> cones that we use for pivot cones and start/finish.  Seems to make it
> easier to see.  Color might be another benefit.  Of course there's the
> downside of having to stock the different colors.
> glen
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> Glen E. Thompson
> Regional Executive
> Blue Ridge Region SCCA
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