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Re: hassled by The Man (was Re: Maps and window decals)

To: autocross digest <>
Subject: Re: hassled by The Man (was Re: Maps and window decals)
From: Scott Knight <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 00:31:42 -0400
> On a separate note I question that assertion, too - the number one thing
> that everyone (on this list) knows will improve your driving is seat
> time. Which is the number one thing your average highway patrol officer
> has literally YEARS of, training notwithstanding.

Heh, are you sure about that?  What if those years were spent honing
really poor driving habits?  Kind of like me on an autocross course with
only 6 events under my belt...I am really getting much better at making
the same mistakes consistently <G>.  The only thing that is really going
to help me is structured training.  I realize that they do have
training, but since I personally know a few officers, I also know how
little that really is (consistent with what has already been mentioned
in this thread).
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