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Re: Remove second gas tank on '70?

To: "Patrick J. Horne" <>
Subject: Re: Remove second gas tank on '70?
From: Adam Bradley <>
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 08:18:00 -0700 (PDT)
Yes, that's what I mean.  I realize it isn't filled directly but some
gasoline can make its way into that tank via expansion, or so I've been
told.  It's taking prime real estate in the trunk, and since I plan to
remove the smog pump, I'm not too concerned about remaining stock.

Anyone know the answer?

'70 1600

--- "Patrick J. Horne" <> wrote:
> I think you may be confusing the expansion tank used in '70's for a
> second
> fuel tank.  This tank is part of th evapor recovery system and is
> used to
> keep gasoline vapors from the atmosphere.  As I recall the tank is
> plumbed
> into the gas tank, the filler neck and a third hose that runs up to
> the 
> engine.  I have not removed this kind of system, so I can't say
> whether it
> would affect things or not.
> Peace,
> Pat
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