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Re: Remove second gas tank on '70?

To: Ronnie Day <>, "Patrick J. Horne"
Subject: Re: Remove second gas tank on '70?
From: Adam Bradley <>
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 10:13:06 -0700 (PDT)
Fortunately in California, pre-1974 cars aren't required to pass smog
tests - even for purchases.  I know John mentioned they are thinking of
bringing it back, and if they do then there are a lot of us who will
need to put smog equipment back on our cars.  Or maybe we can pay
someone with the original equipment to put our VIN plate on the
firewall and our license plates on, and we'll just take that car in
over and over...

--- Ronnie Day <> wrote:
> >Thanks, Ron.  While reading your post I seemed to remember that
> there was
> >a difference in the fuel filler cap between the '70's and other
> years.
> >Memory says that the earlyier caps were vented and the 70 cap was
> not.
> >Here in Texas they are checking the caps now as part of the
> inspection.
> You're right , Pat. I'd forgotten that. Guess between the two of us
> we 
> can come up with one solid set of memories. ;>)
> I guess you could use a vented gas cap and run a length of fuel off
> of 
> the tank vent to a safe place under the car. I know out in Cali some
> of 
> the guys used to put the OEM intake/carb setup back on 510's to pass 
> inspection, then swapping it all back later. Course they were, and I 
> think still may be, subject to roadside inspections. Certainly I'd 
> "never" resort to anything like that. The thing that really ticks me
> off 
> is that in many places they'll do a visual inspection first and if
> the 
> (probably) minimum wage "inspector" even thinks something's been
> altered 
> they fail you. Never mind if you could pass a tailpipe emissions
> test. 
> It's never made sense.
> I thought to whole idea was to make sure the emissions were within 
> limits. But then I sometimes still believe in Santa Claus, too.
> Oh well,
> Ron
> Ronnie Day
> Dallas/Ft. Worth
> '71 510 2-dr (Prepared Class Autocrosser)
> '73 510 2-dr (Street Toy)
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