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Re: Remove second gas tank on '70?

To: Ronnie Day <>
Subject: Re: Remove second gas tank on '70?
From: Gary McCormick <>
Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 09:33:54 -0700
A pressurized gas tank can be a very bad thing. My old BMW 3.0Si burned to the 
ground (a
year after I sold it, thank goodness) because the fuel tank was pressurizing. 
The NO (next
owner) noticed a trail of liquid behind the car, stopped, got out and removed 
the gas cap
(where the drip was coming from) and fuel gushed out, ran forward under the car 
ignited when the vapors contacted the hot exhaust manifold. Bad thing to happen 
to any
car, but I'd /really/ hate to see it happen to a Roadster.

Gary McCormick
'70 2000 Hangar Queen
San Jose, Ca

Ronnie Day wrote:

> >Yes, that's what I mean.  I realize it isn't filled directly but some
> >gasoline can make its way into that tank via expansion, or so I've been
> >told.  It's taking prime real estate in the trunk, and since I plan to
> >remove the smog pump, I'm not too concerned about remaining stock.
> >
> >Anyone know the answer?
> As mentioned it's part of the fuel vapor recovery system. This takes the
> place of the older style straight vents to the outside air. Carb setup,
> fuel delivery and some other things depend on proper functioning of the
> entire system. I've seen other cars with this removed that then tend to
> pressurize the gas tank due to heating and lack on venting which  forces
> gas past the needles and seats in the carbs.
> I would strongly suggest not messing with it. I look at it as something
> like the PCV valve. Both are passive devices that cost no horsepower to
> leave operating and removing them properly requires a whole new set of
> adjustments and fixes.
> Bill Kenyon can probably give a more definitive answer.
> FWIW, Ron
> The ACL Group
> Arlington, Texas
> (817) 572-0873

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