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Re: Wall Street Journal Article on Extreme Restoration

Subject: Re: Wall Street Journal Article on Extreme Restoration
From: R Haug <>
Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 15:57:53 -0700 wrote:

> Not so extreme, those guys are in a different league than us. My
> brother-in-law spent a couple hundred grand restoring his 30's Lagonda
> roadster, and as much on several other cars. My sister ain't so happy, he'd
> rather spend the money on his cars, not her (ha-ha).
> Fred

Remember, a mid 50s vintage 300 SL Gullwing Mercedes is supposed
to be worth a quarter million or more depending upon the restoration.
They only made 1400 of them. And 1858 Roadster versions.
There is a guy I have met near my home in Moscow, Idaho that has 2.
I have sat in his Gullwing that he restored himself and he has a Roadster
version of the 300 SL too.  The roadster isn't done yet.  It was pretty cool
going to his house.  He had 3 different shops for all of his collections of
cars, motorcycles, old steam tractors, machine shop and whatever......

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