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Re: Flushing out a Gas Tank

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Subject: Re: Flushing out a Gas Tank
From: "Bruce Hestand" <hestand@ultranet.com>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 15:37:33 -0400
Mystery solved, thanks everyone

Bruce Hestand
'80 Spitfire - Vee vill have no tapping inna der tank

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Subject: Re: Flushing out a Gas Tank

> There was also a 2nd smaller (1 1/2" dia.) washer orange-ish
> >washer which was loose on the wire connecting the float and the unit.
> >anybody know what this second washer is, and where it is supposed to go?
> ****************************************
> Yep, that washer goes around the float itself, and acts as a cushion to
> prevent the float from banging the tank in it's full and empty conditions.
> I just went through this, and on mine it was still on the old (half full
> fuel) float.  The o-ring wouldn't fit correctly on the new float (it was
> too loose) so I left it off figuring that I would be better off not having
> it installed at all, rather than risk it falling off and clogging the
> inlet.  I noticed that when full, with the new float and NO o-ring, I
> here the float tapping the top of the tank.  Something that I never heard
> before-
> Barry Schwartz (San Diego) bschwart@pacbell.net

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