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RE: that was wrong with my flashers

Subject: RE: that was wrong with my flashers
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 22:52:40 -0600
AN>"I got some anwers and tried the one about cleaning all connection including
AN>connection."  Robert, Spit mk2 1965

AN>This is perhaps a dumb question, but what's the best way to clean electrical
AN>connections?  Sandpaper?  Steel wool?  Erasers?  What should I use to get at
AN>those stupid connections in relatively inaccessible locations?

AN>Andy Lindberg
AN>TR3 in Minnesota (Plus a Volvo 122 whose brake lights just went AWOL.  It
AN>shares the switch in the hydraulic line system with the TR3.)

 My favorite method of cleaning bulb sockets is a 12 gauge shot gun
cleaning brush. Made of brass and does a good job.
 A small wire brush or steel wool works well on the bulb bases.
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