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RE: Tach Readings

To: Lawrence Schilling <>
Subject: RE: Tach Readings
From: The Herr Family <>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 21:10:30 -0500
Cc: "" <>
On my Stag, the tach often sticks at around 3500. It almost never goes past 
4000, even the engine is obviously rev'ed much higher. With the stainless 
exhaust, I just normally shift by sound and when the power drops off. Does 
anyone else have a sticking tach? The tach returns to idle, but normally does 
not go past the mid range.

Dave Herr
73 Stag, 65 TR4A

From:   Lenny Seidman[]
Sent:   Thursday, December 05, 1996 2:49 PM
To:     Lawrence Schilling
Subject:        Re: Tach Readings

Lawrence Schilling wrote:
> I was driving around with a friend the other day in my Stag with the TR6
> engine and he looks over at the dash and says, your tach's not right.  This
> friend has previously owned a TR4 and now a Porsche 356.  I hadn't thought
> much about it since I don't drive my car very hard but since he mentioned it
> I ran it up through the gears and the tach never went over 3500.
> He says, and I'm sure he's right, that it should have read more like 4500.
> So now I'm wondering.  Since the tach itself is a Stag tach and the engine
> is a TR6 what does this all mean?
> Any ideas out there.
> '73 STRag

The Stag tach is for an 8 cylinder engine while the TR6 engine is 6 
cylinders. Cobra kit builders use Stag tachs because they look British 
(and are!) and will work with american V8 engines.
Lenny Seidman
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, USA  

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