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Re: Dashboard

To: David Stephenson <>
Subject: Re: Dashboard
From: Bob Jones <>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 21:17:18 -0600
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
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David Stephenson wrote:
> The Romagni's wrote:
> >
> > Hi all - I'm considering replacing the dashboard in my 1974 TR6.
> > Refurbishing is out as it's all chopped up. I was looking at TRF as they
> > have a sale going on. I also called Prestige Autowood in California. I
> > found them in Hemmings. Does anyone on the list have experience with
> > either dash and if so, what were those experiences. I'm trying to get as
> > close to original as possible.
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> >
> > Marty Romagni
> > 1974 TR6
> I recently ordered and received a replacement dash for my 1974 TR-6 from
> TRF. It looks and feels very nice. I paid something in the neighborhood
> of $175.00 for it on sale. I also ordered and received replacement crash
> pads and a front window to frame seal. I've heard its a nightmare to
> install, etc. One estimate I have to install dash and crash pads is
> $400.00 as it will take most of a day.  Is that in the range of
> reasonable? Comments are greatly appreciated. Dave Stephenson
Hope the following helps a little.
As for the dashboards, the TRF board is nice and an attempt to be as
close to the original as they can get.  The price is reasonable and I
believe they are now on sale for around $177.
The boards from Prestige come in both solid wood and veneer.  If the one
I got from them is a representative sample of their work, they are
beautifully made and as the owner represents in his sales brochure and
pictures.  Mine was somewhat more pricy than TRF's but the burled walnut
is every bit as nice as the wood in a RR.
As to installing the seal and dash pad I don't think you'll have too
much trouble. After removing the windshield frame, dash, gages, etc.,
remove the old pad and clean off any rough residue.  The new pad goes
down with 3M adheasive.  I laid down a layer of caulk before
reinstalling the frame with a new seal.  It's best done with a friend. 
Just be careful and you can save the $400.  By the way the dash pads
from TRF are better than the ones that were installed on the cars new. 
I was there.

In response to Scott:
Al contrar
I certainly can't speak about all original dashboards on TR6's but the
74's certainly didn't have a light, almost yellow finish.  Just went out
to the garage and looked at my original board as well as a replacement I
purchased NOS from a BL dealer in 1980.  The original had about 19 years
on it and the replacement about two before I fell for the burled walnut.
Both old boards were a dark honey walnut which the sun over the years
lightened.  The original color is hiding under where the small plastic
light resepticles cover.  The very light dashes may have showed up on
some of the 75 or 76 cars.  Anyway the honey walnut finish which TRF has
tried to replicate is the closest to original you will find.  Also
remember the original finish was not glossy but satin.
Good luck\Bob

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