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Re: Dashboard

Subject: Re: Dashboard
From: (The Romagni's)
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 11:28:55 -0500
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
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scott suhring wrote:
> Marty:
> Word of caution regarding TRF and Moss TR6 dashes. Their dealer, which
> is
> the same, uses American walnut as the veneer.  The original dashes used
> French Walnut.  The difference is in the color. The American is a much
> darker
> color and looks nothing like the original French, which is a much
> lighter, almost
> orangish look.
> I spoke to a vendor at Hershey's Antique Auto show who specializes in
> dashes for
> British cars and he indicated that the French no longer allow the export
> of
> their walnut. I told him that I special ordered from TRF a teak dash and
> he felt
> this would be a much closer match to the original dash on my '70 TR6. As
> usual, the
> dash is back ordered with their (TRF) regular dash order, but was
> recently told/
> guessed that it should be in any time now!
> Scott Suhring
> Elizabethtown, PA
> '70 TR6

Thanks for the info. That reminds me of what the guy I spoke to at
Prestige Autowood said. He used California Walnut. He claimed that it
lightened to that orange color you mentioned in your reply. According to
him, the American Walnut does not. It maintains its dark color. Can
anyone confirm the properties of these different kinds of walnut? 

I'm leaning toward Prestige at this point. He has two dash options: The
first is a solid California Walnut. He finishes it in a matte style. As
I mentioned before he claims this will lighten to be similar to
original. Cost = $180 The second option is a plywood base with a walnut
veneer it. I won't go into too much detail (cuz I can't remember!), but
he made a point of mentioning how much time and effort goes into the
second dash, particularly the gloss finish. Something about equipment
from West Germany, Finish marine plywood. etc. Cost here is $340.

This might be an option for you if you want to keep the walnut.

Marty Romagni
Painesville, Ohio
1974 TR6

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