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Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 08:54:51 EST
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<< From
 reading the posts this last year, I got the idea that most of the people
 on the list were honest and interested in restoring and promoting the
 I'd be interested to hear about experiences of this kind from others. >>

I've had dealings with three listers so far and two out of three were very
successful... I've bought fenders and tappets from two different people.
I got the parts as promised and they got paid as promised.  However,
I'm still waiting for a check from RICHARD JACKSON, who promised
to buy my Healey, sight unseen, a long time ago.  Well, RICHARD?
I'm still waiting... Good thing I didn't mail the car yet.  <G>

Don Marshall
'57 TR3   Driver
'63 TR3B   Future vintage racer
'63 TR4   Autocrosser
'63 Healey 3000 basket case wait, it's mint, RICHARD, trust me.

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