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Re: Honesty

To: EPaul21988 <>
Subject: Re: Honesty
From: Joe Curry <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 09:34:40 -0800
Cc:, triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
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Thanks for responding.  (You had to).  I was wondering if the culprit was you
since you are the only one I know of on the list from New Mexico.


EPaul21988 wrote:

> In a message dated 98-01-07 08:17:52 EST, writes:
> << After receiving the part, this person said he sent the check.  Yeah,
>  right!  It's been almost a month and 1/2 now and no $$.  Calls and email
>  go unanswered.  This person supposedly has a business in NM.  >>
> Trish;
> I recently had a similar experience.  Eventually the purchaser did come
> through with the check ( thanks if you're still on the list). Occasionally I
> have excess parts I want to sell and I used to be willing to sent out parts
> with 50% up front, but I don't think I'd do that any more either.  I've also
> had people want me to send a part free, just because they are on the list!
> It's not just the list people either.  I had a local Triumph guy come by and
> ask to buy some parts I had, a 12 to 1 head, exhaust header and a used diff.
> He said he wouldn't have the money till after Christmas and would I keep the
> parts for him till then.  Called back a week after  the holidays and
> complained that he had found the header new on sale and would rather have that
> one, etc. etc. etc.  I told him to stuff it, I felt I did him a favor waiting
> for the money.  He felt it was an opportunity to take advantage.  Oh well.
> I do believe that the impersonal nature of the list creates certain temptation
> and opportunities for people to act in a manner not typical of them and for
> the possibility of lots of misunderstandings.  You just have to assume that
> the list is just like your community.  There are some real nice people, some
> nice people, some OK people, and some jerks. It's just more difficult to tell
> who is who on the list as compared to face-to-face interactions.
> If the guy is close to me I'll offer to try to mediate the problem for you if
> you want.
> Let's assume the check is lost in the mail, or that the recent untypical large
> snowfall here in NM has caused a communication problem of some sort.  Most of
> the mail  is moved via Mule train until it reaches the state line here you
> know.
> Bob Paul
> Corrales NM

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