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Re: honesty

To: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: honesty
From: (Jane Burdekin)
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 11:20:10 -0600
>Trish, does this person still write to the list ??? If so he should be
>advised his name and e-mail will be printed to the list so he cannot do
>this again. This does not always help getting your money back but people
>such as this need to be exposed and sad to say you have to be the person
>to start on this guy, I think the list will be a great place to do this.
>I think you will find most of the people on this list are good hobbiest
>and honest and will not put up with a bad apple such as this. In the
>future send it C.O.D. then you have some protection, but let the list
>know of this BUM.

In defense of this person, of course I always people are basically good,
ask him to call his bank to see if the check has cleared.  If it has, and
wasn't you that cashed it ask for a front and back copy so you can track
down the culprit.  It really could have gotten lost in the mail, if it
hasn't cleared his bank ask him to send another check or money order.  OTOH
if he really is a bum them post to the list.  Just my .02.  Jane

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