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Re: New lister; have a question on TR6.

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Subject: Re: New lister; have a question on TR6.
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Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 07:51:57 +0100charset="iso-8859-1"
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On the ability to close the door/B post gap by jacking the car, I have
recently bought a 1968 Herald 13/60 convertible at a house clearance
auction.  Before I decided whether to bid/how much to bid, I looked through
some old magazines one of which contained an article with tips on what to
look for when checking over a Herald convertible before buying.  This
included attempting to lift the back of the car on each side by pulling up
on the rear fin above the rear light lens while someone watches for movement
in the door gap - if it closes, the article suggested this indicated
excessive chassis flexing and setting your price for a body-off repair (?).
This is the only time I can remember hearing/reading about this tip.  I
imagine jacking on a chassis would have much the same effect.  Incidentally,
on the car we bought, when I lifted and my wife watched there was no
movement although the panel gap appears greater at the bottom of the door
than at the top - I suppose I should have tried jacking the car on the
chassis rail just below the B-post and see if that put the gap right (?)

George Hook

Herald 13/60 Convertible (1968)
Armstrong-Siddeley Whitley (1953)
Austin A35 (1958)

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