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RE: The Philosophy of Originality

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Subject: RE: The Philosophy of Originality
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Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 11:10:45 -0800charset="iso-8859-1"
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Philip Haldeman wrote :
> As a relative newcomer to the scene, including local club
> membership, I hear proud talk of "daily drivers".  That's
> cool.  But not TR3
> daily drivers.

Gee, Phil.  Am I in your spam filter ? <g>

I understand your point, but to my mind it's a sad thing when the last few
examples of a particular car can only be found in museums.  The cars were
made to be driven and enjoyed, not put on a pedestal and looked at from a
distance.   But, sooner or later, due to increasing rarity, that's the way
they all wind up.  Which of course, doesn't mean I don't think there should
be such cars, or that I'm not grateful to the people who put them there.
That way, I get to (partially) enjoy cars that otherwise I never would have

BTW, I own a copy of Piggott, and am quite interested in what my cars
"should be", even though I choose to make certain modifications.  After all,
how else can I know exactly what is, and is not, a modification ?

As far as being opinionated about cars, that's good !  It shows you are
passionate about the subject, which is something of a prerequisite for LBC
ownership <g>

59 TR3A daily driver

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