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RE: anti theft ideas

Subject: RE: anti theft ideas
From: Randall Young <ryoung@NAVCOMTECH.COM>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 10:03:30 -0800
> I don't know whether to laugh or cry.   My Spit is parked in a leafy
> avenue in a nice part of a nice town.

Wow.  Sure makes me glad I live in a not-so-nice part of a not-so-nice town
!  One TR3 vandalism incident in 10 years is looking pretty good right now.

> I too would be interested in a security system that shouted "Step away
> from the car!" when people got too near.

I think I'd be more interested in a system that took snapshots of whoever
walked close to the car.  Chances are, this is one person, or a small group,
that are probably well known to the local gendarmes.


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