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RE: anti theft ideas

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Subject: RE: anti theft ideas
From: Mark Hooper <>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 17:37:47 -0500
In the end that's why I never deployed the box. Sad though, it would have
made for some lovely music...


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> Turn on the box when the car is unattended. Joy rider sits in car and
> steering wheel. Zap! Right through the pants! Careful placement of the
> on the seat could result in some pretty impressive soprano shrieks.
> Mark Hooper
A few years back a vacant house had been broken into several times and
the owner being upset wired the front door to a12 guage shotgun, the door
and the would be burgular was wounded quite badly, the homwowner severed a
years for assualt with a deadly weapon, lost some $$$ also, you are
responsible for
what you do to others and yes really happened.  "FT"

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