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Re: Change is sad

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Subject: Re: Change is sad
From: "David Brister" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 22:02:44 +0200
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Bravo Dave!

I once had a 1934 Morris 20 special bodied coupee, one of three known to be
left and when I asked the Morris Register guru what colour the wheels should
be he said "Dear boy, it's your car and you should have it exactly as you
want it! If you want it the factory colour we can help but if you want them
sky blue pink, why that's fine with me."

If alternators and halogen bulbs had been around in 1954 you would have
found them on a TR2, together with radial tyres and electronic ignition.
Anyone who feels his car would be better with modern bits on has as much
going for him as the guy who worries that the numbers on the commission
plate may be not quite the correct font for the year. They all have their
place in the game.

 I remember going to a  concours competition at Benson in Oxfordshire some
years ago and there was a TR5 which was so shiny the entrant had put mirrors
under the car so you could see how  spotless the underside was. Even the
toolkit had been buffed up. The car was disqualified when it was discovered
that the car had been unloaded from a trailer 300 yards from the
competitor's entrance. Quite right too. On the other hand I would'nt have a
problem with the organisers having a class especially for cars which had
been trailered to the show. I'd feel sorry for them though because whilst it
may be fun to look at a car with the pipes blacked, the jubilee clips
chromium plated, and pristine whitewall tyres, I bet most of us, on this
list anyway, would rather be driving that car and getting it dirty.

My .002 Euros!

David Brister
1967 TR4A. (Soon to have a French number plate.)

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