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Re: Something you don't see everyday

To: Jim Muller <>,
Subject: Re: Something you don't see everyday
From: Raymond Hatfield <>
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 07:36:11 -0700 (PDT)
--- Jim Muller <> wrote:
> A replica, whether authorized or not I couldn't say, has been banging 
> around our neighbor for many years.  I remember seeing others too in 
> different places.  "They" must have made a bunch of 'em way back 
> then, well before the recent movie was every dreamed of.

A lot of people have tried to copy the General Lee, even Kenney Wayne Shepard
had one built - but this one matched the one in the new movie, which used
different wheels (at a minimum) than the TV series Lee - plus it had that 'just
built' look - most probably a show car circuit model - like the TR6 on the rack
with it.  Speaking of 'Dukes' and TRs, did you know that while they were
filming the series John Schneider (Bo) had a TR6 as his daily driver? 

Raymond L. Hatfield
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'73 Stag 4.3L, Auto, A/C, etc "Molly" 
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