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Re: new to list

To: Lorcan Parnell <>
Subject: Re: new to list
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 16:49:31 -0500
welcome Lorcan

its great to see some more brain 
power and overall coolness added to the list
(BIKE) guy

maybe you could get that FearsomeKaw guy on 
here as well to livin things up a bit

do you know Gabriel Uttley, he is a friend of ours

Joe :)

Quoting Lorcan Parnell <>:

> Just want to say hi all.
> My name is Lorcan Parnell from Falmouth, England. Been doing quarter miles
> for 20 years or so and have recently done a couple of top speed events on a
> ZX12R (205mph in 1.5 miles) , which has led me here.
> My main interest is my turbo alcohol 750cc Kawasaki, which runs mid 8s in
> the quarter and I'm looking at some land speed runs with it.
> Look forward to gleaning lots of useful information here.
> To the guy asking about lamda sensors, measure the resistance across the 2
> heater wires (the two wires the same colour) and work out the draw from
> there using V=IR. I run mine through a switched 12v supply, no relay. Mine
> use about 2 amps at switch on to run the heater, the sensor itself uses no
> current, it's just a thermocouple which generates a tiny voltage.
> Regards
> Lorcan
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