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Re: new to list

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Subject: Re: new to list
From: "Lorcan Parnell" <>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 23:40:26 +0100
Thanks Joe....great job on the ZX10 by the way!!

Not sure if you reeeally want FK here, but I can invite him if you like!
Yes, I know Gabriel. He keeps collaring me at sprints and asking me about
turbos for some twin-engined thing he's building! Two Triumph 1200s I think.

I have a load of dumb questions for you about land speed...i'll try to put
them in some kind of order and keep them short.



> welcome Lorcan
> its great to see some more brain
> power and overall coolness added to the list
> (BIKE) guy
> maybe you could get that FearsomeKaw guy on
> here as well to livin things up a bit
> do you know Gabriel Uttley, he is a friend of ours
> Joe :)
> Quoting Lorcan Parnell <>:
> > Just want to say hi all.

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