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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 19:31:26 -0700
And so by that definition change is never allowed. All progress is halted.
You know I saw a one wheeled "motor cycle" run a couple of  years
did that fit in the book? The point is not to  be  hidebound by definition
but to respect engineering disciplines and move forward.  IMHO and that
counts for nothing as far as I can tell. And I do not see how the front
inline wheels of the streamliners are an approximation to a normal car. I do
not ever remember a car being built that way.  Just curious as when the book
starts being quoted, the arguing and bench racing are over, I guess.


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Subject: Rear Steer

>     It doesn't make any difference how you feel about or whether you want
> try it or not.  BUT rear steer is not allowed at any land speed sanctioned
> event by the SCTA or BNI by the definition of an Automobile in our rule
> (2003) page 35.
>     1977 had the first definition of an automobile and 1985 redefined it
> include the steering.  I cannot speak for other  associations or whether
> Board of Directors would allow a test during one of it's meets. But I
> the book when ever possible.

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