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Re: Rear wheel steering

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Subject: Re: Rear wheel steering
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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:26:20 -0400
Now Bob's message reminded me of something odd I saw going down the
interstate one day. Pre Stressed concrete bridge beams and they weren't on a
trailer! There was a power driver underslung up front and a rear steer unit
underslung out back. Both drivers sat in open seats with helmets below the
beams. Bout door high on a normal car. Well they were easily doing 55 or
better. With all the new electronics available, drive by wire with positive
feedback, would correct for steering direction and road feel. Hey ask KT
about fly by wire!
By the way ain't a boat rear steer?

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> I thought I'd check in with my limited experience with Rear wheel
Steering. I
> had the occasion, as a NY Fireman, to drive what are commonly known as
> and Ladder trucks. The back end,or Tiller, is driven by the Tillerman.
> Obviously took a little advanced planning before a turn as the steering
was opposite
> the front end every time. Great fun responding down Southern Boulevard in
> Bronx, terrorizing the natives by driving my half about 4 lanes out into
> oncoming traffic. Interestingly enough, it did have somewhat of a
following capacity
> ala a trailer, as we had a tillerman fall out of his compartment (
> mysteriously ) and the entire rig didn't hit anything for 4 turns and a
mile later in
> front the Firehouse. Yeah, it hit our cars, naturally..... " Following"
> assume would be the benefit of FWD, as opposed to RWD. One story,one
> opinion....Bob, prejudiced,new LSRcar has FWD, Wanner

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