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Re: rear steer

Subject: Re: rear steer
From: john robinson <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 08:58:55 -0500
well, I have been thinking of using a tandem rear wheel setup, yes I know 
this is not favorable, but the idea was to narrow the rear of the vehicle 
ala summers bros tadpole, and maintain a fairly short overall length. I 
have also been working with a guy here at the uw who bicycles, and has 
developed a "leaner" tripod bicycle that looks good, turn the steering 
wheel and the (on his design )  front steered wheels turn and also lean. 
might also work for a motorcycle's not a complicated 
mechanical device either..... just something to keep the mind 
working....somewhere I have an asme description of steering adjustments and 
forces and I need this paper  ( so I can remember which is which so we are 
talking apples to apples) and so I dont further confuse the issue with 
calling a tie rod end a ball know what I mean.... damnn I 
think that paper is in the file cabinet at home.....can't find it in the 
piles of to be sorted papers here at work, ( boss is looking at me right 
now as I tear through looking..... hehehe) I'm busy busy 
the way, here's 
a pic of my MPS-PG 500cc (actually 441cc) 1967 BSA Victor. still to do the 
all alum fairing.....

At 09:14 AM 9/30/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>John My tests show use rake & trail not caster camber. On a rectangular wheel
>lay out, by imposing " understeer" the rear steer "feel" is eliminated. Noble
>used spindles and tried to stabilize it with bulk. It would take a bunch of
>testing and combinations to find happiness! BUT there might be a reason for
>someone to try. I'm not open-minded enough to see the need. jack

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