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rear steer

Subject: rear steer
From: john robinson <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 08:50:09 -0500
gotta get my oar in.....rear steer yahhoooo!
somebody want to quote me the rule that says rear steer not allowed? my 
rule book is at me at my email, as I get the digest
I also think its driver rather than car. it has been done before 
re:Dymaxion, just gotta learn to steer it. look at how many of the 
motorcycle streamliners fall over, should we stop them too? (that is a 
sarcastic and rhetorical question, do NOT think I want to stop them as I 
want to try that class too) I do think the Thrust had serious directional 
problems due to the engine thrust causing off line steering, as to worm and 
pinion, I do not think steering needs to be slowed down that much and yes 
the driver position should be forward as much as possible, even ahead of 
the front wheels, although he needs some visual directional cues if nothing 
else a lance sticking out the front of the vehicle. cool Mayf, how much for 
a ride?

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