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rear steer

Subject: rear steer
From: john robinson <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 12:10:37 -0500
the figures for the dymaxion car were not tested numbers,they were, to the 
best of the my readings on the car, "best guess and advertising numbers", I 
thought the top speed somebody wrote about was 90+/- . somewhere I saw a 
film clip of the dymaxion doing circles around a cop, driver not more than 
4 feet from cops face as they circled ....but he sat ahead of the front 
axle and I think that makes it a lot easier to intuitively steer the RS 
vehicle....and given the obvious aero advantages the dymaxion had over a 
'33 Ford, I think the car should have gone 120.....seems I remember there 
are still a couple of those in existence, one with over 100,000 
miles...... has info on the 
dymaxion. now it does state in the website that the car had serious 
stability problems.....but, nobody drove the thing IMHO, from how I read 
the website anyway.
and moving the driver to the rear of the car should make driving a rear 
steer a lot harder, due to now instinctive (since 16 yrs old) self training 
on fws cars, but tail steered airplanes learn to rear steer, albeit using 
tailfeathers too.....

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