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RE: Hot Rod/Bore,Stroke combo's

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Subject: RE: Hot Rod/Bore,Stroke combo's
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Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 04:54:53 -0400
It might not make any difference on paper but i can promise you that if you
put a 6.2 rod on a 3 inch stroke engine with the same heads that worked well
with a 5.7 rod it won't make enough torque to pull your pants down..

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> I was somewhat bemused by the article. Why? Well when DF said he was going
> to do the testing, he siad he was only going to change the rod
> stroke ratio
> which meant only rods and pistons to keep compression heights
> same ( I have
> his email somewhere where he explained what was going to be done). So once
> again   a realistic test has morphed into something that masks the true
> results. Because both the rod ratios and the bore were changed it is
> impossible to determine the effect of either. Makes for good reading but
> that's all. Nevertheless, it does point up that an engine is just an air
> pump and however you get the max air in you make horsepower and torque.
> Regards the article, if you revisit my web page, I said it didn't make any
> difference a long time ago
> mayf

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