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Re: Hot Rod/Bore,Stroke combo's

To: "land-speed" <>
Subject: Re: Hot Rod/Bore,Stroke combo's
From: "John Burk" <>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 17:12:16 -0400
In the 60's knowing nothing of rod ratios and port velocities I worked at
getting my dragster light enough to get down to my weight with a 283 engine .
Obviously a 283 with 327 heads had to be better than a 327 breathing through
the same heads . It ran ok but mysteriously it slowed down with a set of
killer Mondelo heads . With  the 1.9 rod ratio I had , breathing was less
important than port velocity . With more weight and a 1.75 rod ratio 327 ci
those heads would have worked nicely . As Dave says , for a given combination
there's a correct rod ratio .
John Burk

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